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"Acing the interview is about telling people what they want to hear... which is kinda my thing."

Sam Davis

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Thank you to the fabulous backers of our successful Kickstarter Campaign!

With your help, we raised $8,336 to produce our first season.

Eddie Villa-Lobos

Josh Odsess-Rubin

Christina Herrick

Madeleine "The Amiable" Barker
Anika Solveig

Kevin Kim

Linda Mondragon

Lynn D

Amanda Berning

Jorbles Hizzle

Dylan O'Harra

Chelsea Hanawalt


Ryan Trauntvein

Tarah Pollock

Alison Plott

Kevin Shewey

MuthaEffin' Jay Domingeezy

Gina Pensiero

The Super Tall Asian Miller Tai

Stacey Noss/ Proprietor Always TLC Estate Liquidators

True Believer

The Other Talented Harrigan

Leif Dautch

Kyle Kasabian

Rebecca Fallon

Matthew "The Hangover" Horn

Nicole Erb

Jamie K

Kate Charlotte Hodges

Beth Lopes

Glenn Suravech

Ryan Welsh

Erika Antonsen

G money Steinbaum

Grant Lancaster

Mark Bates

Annique DeWitt

Jade Payton

Beth Kovacs Shields

Leah McKibben

Molly Wetzel

Shin Kawasaki

Heather MacLeod

Lisa Braithwaite and the Audience Avenger Alliance

Marisol Delaney
Bear Capron

Ashley Flannegan

Kendra Chase

The McGraths

Laura Clark


Jack Winn and Family

Corey Wright

Victoria Frost


Scott and Geri Okamoto

Matt Koenig

Juliana & John Fitzpatrick

Anthony Simone the Superpowerful! 

Natasha Harris

Jordan Richardson

Ed Robinson & Jodie Younse

Sepideh Moafi

Justin Waggle

David & Cathy Duckworth

Synthetic Dialect

Tim and Mary Mulchy
Nikki Rattray Baldwin

D. Sturtevant/Wm. Jones
Jim Harrigan

"I used to pretend I was Gymnastics Girl, bringing my stuffed animals to justice."

Madeline Stanley

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Cast of Super(fluous)
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"I hope you're hungry!"

Delia Cooke

Keiko Agena as Delia in Superfluous the series.

Season One

Episode 1 - The Wall of Success

Episode 2 - You Said Baby!

Episode 3 - No Powers in the House

Episode 4 - Confusion Cookies

Episode 5 - Sidekicks

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Supers in a world filled with supers.

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